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The research process is already complex, even without the burden of switching between platforms. That’s why libraries turn to Ebook Central for their ebook needs. Ebook Central brings content from virtually every publisher into one unified experience so students and faculty can quickly learn the platform and easily discover and use the ebook content they need.With high-quality journals, books and reference content, the ScienceDirect platform uniquely supports an uninterrupted workflow so researchers move seamlessly among books and journals and across topics and disciplines.

iG Library is a new generation eBook platform developed by iG Publishing. Its simple and user friendly interface helps you to retrieve information from huge eBook collections using a single click. It employs a powerful clustering engine to help you quickly analyze search results as well as to discover related topics.
Our unique eBook reading technology allows users to read content via web browsers without installing any proprietary software. It not only provides a set of information tools for research purposes, it also supports various kinds of devices and operation systems including the iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows.

  • 能要电子书的账户 ( E-book) 在图书馆服务的部门。
  • สามารถขอ Account การเข้าใช้บริการได้ที่งานบริการสำนักหอสมุด

        Scopus is an abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature including scientific journals, books, and conference proceedings. Scopus provides a comprehensive overview of worldwide research output in the fields of science, technology, medicine, social sciences, and arts and humanities.

        The Web of Science is the information and technology provider for the global scientific research community. We provide data, analytics and insights, as well as workflow tools and bespoke professional services to researchers and the entire research community that underpins research – universities and research institutions, national and local governments, private and public research funding organizations, publishers and research-intensive corporations, across the world.With high-quality journals, books and reference content, the ScienceDirect platform uniquely supports an uninterrupted workflow so researchers move seamlessly among books and journals and across topics and disciplines.

        ScienceDirect combines authoritative, full-text scientific, technical and health publications with smart, intuitive functionality so that users can stay informed in their fields and can work more effectively and efficiently. ​
        With high-quality journals, books and reference content, the ScienceDirect platform uniquely supports an uninterrupted workflow so researchers move seamlessly among books and journals and across topics and disciplines.

Quality Content & Leading Technology
        From research and acquisition management to subscription services, discovery and analytics, EBSCO provides academic institutions with essential content and resources to ensure success for students, faculty and staff.
Library Technology & Discovery
        Advanced technology solutions ensure that students, researchers and faculty can access your library’s materials easily, whether they are on campus or online.
Research Databases & Archives
        With the prevalence of non-vetted internet content, now it is more important than ever for researchers to have access to reliable scholarly, peer-reviewed information.

The Journal of Social Policy carries high quality articles on all aspects of social policy in an international context. It places particular emphasis upon articles which seek to contribute to debates on the future direction of social policy, to present new empirical data, to advance theories, or to analyse issues in the making and implementation of social policies. The Journal of Social Policy is part of the ‘Social Policy Package’, with Social Policy and Society

Political Theory (PT), peer-reviewed and published bi-monthly, serves as the leading forum for the development and exchange of political ideas. Broad in scope and international in coverage, PT publishes articles on political theory from a wide range of philosophical, ideological and methodological perspectives. Articles address contemporary and historical political thought, normative and cultural theory, the history of ideas, and critical assessments of current work.s

Political Social Policy and Society is an international academic journal sponsored by the UK Social Policy Association. The journal welcomes stimulating original articles that draw upon contemporary policy-related research and associated developments in the social sciences. Each issue contains peer reviewed articles reflecting topical debates and issues within social policy and uniquely, a themed section, edited by a Guest Editor(s). Every themed section includes an introductory piece, a set of peer reviewed articles, a selected review of the key literature, plus a guide to key sources in the area.

This latest PAR virtual issue includes a selection of articles most frequently download by readers in South America. Topics include transparency, ethics, citizen participation, and public service. Spanish Abstracts: Each abstract from the article listing below has been translated into Spanish by Professor Edgar E. Ramirez de la Cruz, an Associate Editor on the PAR editorial team.

This Article exposes a profound and growing injustice that major technology companies have propagated through every level of the judiciary under the guise of protecting data privacy. The Supreme Court has repeatedly proclaimed: “In our judicial system, the public has a right to every [person’s] evidence.” Yet, for over a decade, Facebook, GitHub, Google, Instagram, Microsoft, and Twitter have leveraged the Stored Communications Act (SCA) — a key data privacy law for the internet — to bar criminal defendants from subpoenaing the contents of another’s online communications, even when those communications could exonerate the wrongfully accused. Every appellate court to rule on this issue to date has agreed with the companies.

Harvard Business Review Press publishes the best thinking in the areas of business strategy, general management, technology, leadership, human resources, and innovation. Intelligent business readers turn to us for answers to the questions they face every day, and for the guidance and debate that will have a profound impact on their lives — both personally and professionally.

บางกอกโพสต์ (อังกฤษ: Bangkok Post) เป็นหนังสือพิมพ์รายวันภาษาอังกฤษ ที่ตีพิมพ์จำหน่ายในประเทศไทย ของบางกอกโพสต์ บางกอกโพสต์ ตีพิมพ์และออกจำหน่ายหลังสงครามโลกครั้งที่สอง โดย บริษัท โพสต์พับลิชชิ่ง จำกัด
เดอะวอลล์สตรีทเจอร์นัล (อังกฤษ: The Wall Street Journal) เป็นหนังสือพิมพ์รายวันระหว่างประเทศภาษาอังกฤษที่มีต้นกำเนิดในสหรัฐอเมริกา ตีพิมพ์ในนครนิวยอร์กโดยดาวโจนส์แอนด์คอมพานี ซึ่งเป็นบริษัทย่อยของนิวส์คอร์ปอเรชัน เช่นเดียวกับรุ่นเอเชียและยุโรปของหนังสือพิมพ์
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